Episode 1 - Welcome to the GrooveboxSociety.com


Welcome to the first episode of the GrooveboxSociety.com Podcast. This episode marks the official launch of the Groovebox Society, an online artist collective and community of electronic musicians creating music with groove boxes and other hardware based synthesizers. 

In this month's podcast we are featuring six artists who are part of our collective, each showcasing a unique sound. The artists this month have a diverse collection of tools ranging from traditional groove boxes, to modular synthesizers to iPads. 

Be sure to check out each of our artist's linked below in the show notes to find out more information about their tools and their music. 

Artists in this Month's Podcast

Benjamin Mauch - Animate. Distress
Eurorack Modular, Moog Mother 23, Prophet 12 and Reaktor. 

Sum_1_L’s - Gimme a cid please
Korg ESX-1, (2x)x0xbox, Arturia Microbrute, Doepfer Dark Energy2, Alesis Midiverb3, Roland Tr-8

Seqfreq - Distant Origin
Electribe ESX-1, Lexicon MX-400, FMR RNC

Doctor Heckle - The First Trap House on Mars
Teenage Engineering PO-14

Bruce Beer Drive - 26 Minutes
iPad mini with Retronyms Tabletop and  iPad based synthesizers. 

Dynamic Interplay - Heiligenschein
Emu Command Station, Korg EMX-1, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg EA-1 through Tech 21 Flyrig 5

Fitness - Dust
Novation Circuit, Volca Keys and Bass. Moog Minitaur

Upcoming Episodes

Stay tuned to upcoming episodes as we interview several artists, discussing the tools they use for music creation and show us how they created the tracks featured on the podcast.