Sonicsmith Intros Squaver P1 Audio-Controlled Analog Synthesizer Pedal – Synthtopia

Sonicsmith has introduced the Squaver P1 Audio-Controlled Synthesizer pedal.

The unique synth is designed to be controlled using any electric or acoustic instrument via a microphone.

Single Audio-Controlled Oscillator (ACO) design
Plays analog synth along with the input audio
Extracts gate, pitch, envelope and trigger CV from input audio
Mix knob can blend between square and sawtooth waves
40 dB gain range on the input preamp (high impedance)
3 thru jacks for daisy-chaining multiple units and record source directly
Side chain input to feed the 2nd ENV follower
Ring mod audio input will invert phase at the audio frequency
LP, BP / HP, 12 / 24db/oct resonant filter with CV input control
9V battery operation or standard 9V pedal supply
Dual 4 charecter LED meter shows both the main input level and the side-chain input’s
Total of 3 audio inputs, 5 CV outputs and 6 CV inputs