A Powerful And Intuitive Midi Sequencer by Polyend & Demo Video Release | SYNTH ANATOMY

Main features
8 tracks with 32 steps each
256 pattern memory
Live sequence recording with external device via MIDI
Step parameters: Note, Velocity, Length, Modulation, Roll
Independent track play modes: Normal, Reversed, Pingpong, Random, Polymetric, Polyrhythmic
Track parameters: Length, Velocity, Scale, MIDI Channel, MIDI Out
All parameter changes are automatically saved
MIDI In to either sync clock or input MIDI notes
2 independent MIDI Outs
USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
Footswitch input to control Start, Stop, and Record

The Polyend is availabe now for pre-order for a price of 1229€. Additional, you can buy a eurorack module
for connecting to your modular system. The POLY module is available for 489€.n