Polyend Seq Update Brings More Sequencing Power – Synthtopia

Polyend has updated their Seq hardware step sequencer to version 1.3, adding randomization features, scales per track, chords per step and more.

Here’s what’s new in Seq 1.3:

Scales. Assignable music scale per track, with choice of thirty-nine different scales.
Chords per step. Added polyphony per step, choose from twenty predefined chords.
More randomization. Developed randomization options. Set if randomization influences: modulation, velocity and humanization (step nudge) parameters. When randomizing steps on track with applied music scale, notes are scattered in between the range of two octaves (one up, one down with a root note in the middle).
Gate length. Added gate time per step.
Perfected knob physics for modulation, velocity and CC parameters.
Shortened time of track lengths displays after change applies. Also, reduced track length led brightness.
Key Seq features:

8 tracks with 32 steps each
256 pattern memory
On the fly track parameter Randomization
Live sequence recording with external device via MIDI
Step parameters: Note, Velocity, Length, Modulation, Roll
Independent track play mode (Normal, Reversed, Pingpong, Random)
Track parameters: Length, Velocity, MIDI Channel, MIDI out
All parameter changes are automatically saved
Pattern chaining

New HANSY1010 Hybrid Synthesizer Features Digital Brain + Analog Heart – Synthtopia


Duophonic Hybrid synthesizer : Mono or Duo Mode
Large Interface with 4*40 LCD and OLED (128*64)/ 8 Potentiometers / 16 Push Button and one Joystick
256 memory locations
Digital Oscillators / Analog Filter 4 poles
Resonance Keyboard tracking positive or negative Oscillator
waveform Legacy waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/PWM/Random
Special waveform: TriSquare/SawSquare/Pro2/MKS…
Wavetable : over 4300 wavetables
Noise generator
Transpose and detune
Phase Distortion
One Sub Osc per Osc
Sub Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/Pulse1/Pulse2/Pulse3
Sub Type: -2 / -1 / 0 Octave or 5Th Up or 5Th Down
Wave Morphing and Wave shaping possibility (2 parameters per OSC)
LFO Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Inv/Random/Lag
LFO Sync: Free/Key/delay
4 ADSR envelope Generator with positive and negative amount
VCF Negative and positive Amount
Pitch route to OSC1/OSC2 or OSC1&2
Matrix EG
External Analog audio input Midi In and Out with soft Thru
Sequencer and Arpeggiator ( 1 Sequence or Arp per Sound)
24 Step 6 Parameters per step Transpose/Velocity/Cutoff/Gate/Glide/Noise
Sequencer or Arp send to Midi channel
Midi Sync In and Out
Assignable Pitch bend / Mod wheel
Assignable 4 axis Joystick to 20 destinations with amount
Double Assignable Aftertouch to 20 destinations with amount
Sound and Library manager software on PC
Weight 1,3Kg
Size 335*125*48 (mm)
Pricing and Availability

The HANSY1010 is being funded via a Kickstarter project, and is available to backers in various formats, including a barebones DIY project for 60 Euro or 380 Euro for a pre-built synthesizer.