Genre: downtempo, ambient techno, IDM

Country: USA

Label: none


Website: DynamicInterplay.com

Twitter: @Dinterplay

Facebook: Dynamic Interplay Page

Soundcloud: Dynamic Interplay

Youtube: @sup909

Twitch: @sup909


Dynamic Interplay is a music project by Matthew Supert that began in 2006. Working previously under the moniker M.A.S. Productions, Matt has proceeded electronic music in various forms since 1999. He started out splicing together audio in a program called DDClip and looping samples in Taureg, developed by Bram Bos. During the early 2000's he moved onto to Fruitloops (not FL Studio) before finally settling on production work with Buzz Tracker. 

Matt's works with groove boxes took flight around 2005 when he acquired a Yamaha AN200, part of the Loopfactory series. His fascination with synthesizer hardware grew from there. Around 2006 he transitioned over to a new production name, Dynamic Interplay, and has been producing electronic music with groove boxes ever since. 

His music comprises primarily of downtempo, ambient techno and IDM. 


  • Emu Command Station XL-7 
  • Korg EMX-1
  • Korg EA-1
  • Tech 21 Fly Rig 5
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Behringer DDM4000